Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mineral Baked Eye Shadow in Gold Rush
 This Savvy mineral backed Eye shadow is a great colour with great pigmentation and can fit many different types of make-up sets.
This eye shadow costs $8.00 at Priceline pharmacy and other cosmetic outlets. The Savvy eye shadows have a wide range of product and give great coverage and pigmentation and I cannot wait to buy more.
Enjoy :)

great amount of product

great colour and pigmentation

BYS Nail Enamel in glitter crystal
I decided to have a bit of fun in Kmart and buy one of the $4.00 nail enamels by BYS
These nail enamels are quite cheap but a very good products to buy.
This nail enamel consists of mainly silver glitters, with hints of purple, red, blue and green small glitters inside.
The final product is good and gives a good full coverage on your nail. This nail enamel can be used by itself or put as an overcoat to give a more feminine look and make your nails sparkle and stand-out.
I cannot wait to continue on using this product and will continue to buy BYS nail polishes and enamels as they have a wide range of colours and styles of nail polishes.

The contents of the Nail Enamel
Name of product

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Heyyy my lovely people I thought I would just make a nice little blog post about the new foundation and concealer I have just bought.

I bought the Rimmel London wake me up foundation in 200 soft beige. This foundation I have been using for the past three weeks and will continue to use it as it is great on my skin.

Rimmel London: Wake me up foundation
200 soft beige
The foundation gives me more of a natural look it just doesn't stick onto my face like paint so it feel natural it looks natural and it does not damage my skin and leave my with horrible skin afterwards.

The concealer I have also recently bought and used for the past three weeks is the Maybelline New York: Dream LumiTouch highlighting concealer. This is in 01 Ivory.

Maybelline New York: Dream LumiTouch
01 Ivory

The concealer is a lighter shade to the Rimmel London foundation, which proves no problem as it blends in really well with the colour of the foundation and gives me a natural look as well which is what I am going for.

These two products I have only recently purchased and the concealer is the only concealer I own at the moment which is a bit of a sad point :(

on a brighter note I am really enjoying these two products and the leave my skin natural, clean and smooth which are great benefits for me as I can easily break out.

If there are any other foundation or concealer's or other products that you would like me to try and would also like to see other review's please go to my YouTube page which is Laura Brooks where I have multiple beauty video's and will continue to create them.